Clay County Prosecuting Attorney

About Us

The Prosecuting Attorney may also attend to civil suits in the county in which the State, or any department, commission or board thereof is interested. The Prosecuting Attorney may advise, attend to, bring, prosecute or defend, as the case may be, all matters, actions, suits and proceedings in which the county or the county board of education is interested. 

When requested by the Attorney General the Prosecuting Attorney may perform or assist the Attorney General in performing any legal duties required to be performed by the Attorney General which are not inconsistent with the duties of the Prosecuting Attorney as the legal representative of the county. 

The Prosecuting Attorney also represents the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and petitioners in matters of child abuse or neglect and may advise and prosecute all matters, actions, suits, and proceedings involving child abuse or neglect. The Prosecuting Attorney also attends to matters involving juvenile delinquents and juvenile status offenders. 

Other duties and responsibilities include: