Clay County E-911 Center

Clay County Communication Center/E-911 is the agency who assists with county emergency situations, established in 2012, responsible for handing radio and phone communications from the public and first responders alike. The 911 dispatchers or emergency communicators may not be the first ones that come to mind when you think of '1st' responders, but just like fire fighters, police officers, or EMT's they are there to 'answer the call.' 

Dispatchers keep up to date on training, skills, and knowledge to stay calm while being the first voice heard in a crisis. Dispatchers sit long shifts at consoles in the center answering calls and dispatching responses to keep our communities safe and connected in an emergency. 

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Text to 911

As of March 11, 2022 Clay County E-911 has implemented the Indigital Text, known as "Texty," to our 911 system. Texty will assist someone if they are unable to call by phone, but have access to a phone to send a text. You simply text 911 and it will come to the 911 center's system where a dispatcher will get your information, assist you, and dispatch your emergency. 

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JD Johnson, Director

Clay County E-911 Center

Clay County, West Virginia

Address: 264 Main Street Clay, West Virginia 25043
Phone: +1 (304) 587-2019
Fax: (304) 587-2797